Book Review: Making Polymer Clay Beads

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Why do I love polymer clay books? I learn well from written instruction. In fact, most of what I’ve learned has been through a combination of books, experimentation and discussion. I have only taken a few classes over the years, and while each class has given me a huge infusion of techniques and ideas, books fill in the gaps on a daily basis–inexpensively, and at my own pace.

Carol Blackburn has authored a real winner here. It’s another book in my library that I will go back to over and over again.

Why do I like this book? Part of it is the actual design of the book. The subtitle to this book is “Step-by-step techniques for creating beautiful ornamental beads.” This is a true and accurate description of the book. From the basic information that we see in all polymer clay books (clays, equipment, conditioning, etc.) to the techniques, the exceptional photography and clear, concise instructions make this book both a visual feast and an excellent primer for both people who learn best by visual stimuli as well as those who learn best by detailed instruction.

This is a technique-oriented book. If you’re looking for a book that focuses on finish pieces complete with design ideas, this is not the book for you. While there are finishing ideas and instructions in the back of the book, the core of the book is about learning and using a variety of techniques to make polymer clay beads. Techniques are laid out in a single- or double-page spread. On the top of each page, photographs of the beads made using the techniques are artfully presented. Below, descriptions of the technique, a tools and materials list and then the step-outs of the process used to make the beautiful beads are presented in a flowing, easy-to-follow manner. Each step is chronicled using clear, professional close-up photography, and is accompanied with detailed instructions to complete the step. If warranted, tips are presented with a specific step; for instance, when a tip about sealing silver leaf to prevent tarnishing accompanies the finishing step for a mokume-gane bead. On the bottom of the page, references to other useful information are cited, including page numbers for the helpful techniques.

What I also like about this book is that the techniques and accompanying beads are approachable by beginning clayers as well as inspirational for experienced clayers. It’s an excellent reference book for techniques, and inspirational book for jewelry artists, and a visual feast for all.


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One response to “Book Review: Making Polymer Clay Beads

  1. MaryKay

    I have to agree on this book. It is one of the first ones that I have gotten and also one of the most helpful. I go back to it again and again because it does cover the basics. I was looking for a really good tute on ivory but went back to the one in this book and still liked it best. All in all, I would have to say Making Polymer Clay Beads is my favorite book.

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