Want a Product Reviewed?

I have been approached by several companies asking me to review their products. As you can tell from my reviews, I am very candid about what I like and don’t like about products.

If you would like me to review your polymer-clay related products, stores or services, here are my guidelines. You will also receive a copy of these guidelines if you contact me for a review.

1. I will provide an objective review. The review will reflect my experiences and reaction to the product. The review is solely an opinion based upon these experiences. Editorial content is at my sole discretion–regardless of whether it’s a positive, neutral or negative review.

2. I do not accept payment for reviews. Paid reviews are ads. I’m here to just post my opinions. However, I do provide Amazon Associates links for books I review that are sold by Amazon. Thus far, my commission on these books has been less than $10 (lower than the minimum commission payment threshold). As you can see, I’m not in it for the money.

3. I will accept product for testing and reviews. I will be happy to return the remaining product(s) if you provide return shipping instructions and cover the costs regardless of whether I review the product (or not).

4. I will not guarantee that any product I receive will be reviewed. This is not a full-time job for me, so I’ll most likely review products that are hot, products that are new, products that I like (or dislike…), products that are unusual, products people are talking about/asking questions about, etc. The reviews will be posted when I get some time. I will not guarantee that I will review your product if you send it to me. I will not guarantee that I will ONLY post positive reviews. It is up to my sole discretion as to what I will and will not review.

5. I do have associations with certain companies. For instance, I’m currently a beta tester and part-time production crew member for PageSage. I also demonstrated for Kato Polyclay/Van Aken at the 2008 CHA show and passed out samples of products (that I love) that I had received from manufacturers at the National Polymer Clay Guild’s Synergy conference. I have created artwork for some rubber stamp product manufacturers in the past, including Lost Coast Designs, Stamp Out Cute, My Heart Stamps For You, Luminarte Inc., and a few others. The reason I got involved with these companies is that I liked their products.

I recently had a VERY unpleasant exchange with a person who did not understand and did not adhere to these guidelines.  Please contact me only if you are in agreement with these terms.

Please contact me via email at donnellyarts @ gmail dot com if you would like to arrange for me to review your products.



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